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Libya open market in various fields enjoys an important strategic gateway to the countries of North and West Africa, We are keen to provide the highest levels of service to investors and securing a suitable climate . This investment windows is distributed on the set regions and this is our first step on the road to facilitate procedures and ensure that we improve our services and increase the efficiency of traffic procedures in addition to that you will find cadre of qualified staff General Authority for Investment and full-time to facilitate the procedures and follow-up by the management of the consolidated net
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What did you know about investing in libya

The Libyan welcomes all investors who wish to invest their money and expertise in highly profitable and mutually beneficial projects. Libya provides many exemptions and privileges to all investors, also raw materials, cheap energy, skilled labor, and do not forget Libya's geographical location which is the open door to the African continent and its nearness to Europe. That is just one of so many reasons why entrepreneurs are attracted to invest in Libya. The Libyan Privatization and Investment Board was established to promote foreign and local investment and provide all the licenses, permits, guarantee all incentives and facilitations to investors in simple procedures through the one-stop shop services office.
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Have you ever visit Libya

Location: Libya is located in the middle of North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It has sixneighbors: Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. The country's location has enabled Libya to witness many civilizations and became an important caravan trade link between Africa and Europe. Area: 1,775,500 sq km with a surface comprises coastal plains, plateaus and mountains. The Sahara desert extends deep into the south with its scattered oases and small towns . Climate: A typical Mediterranean climate along the coast in the northern parts and desert climate in the south.
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What makes Libya an opportunity

The availability of cultural and natural resources. The strategic geographical location. The availability of a high percentage of a young population

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