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Pravitetion & Investment abroad

To provide all the services & facilities which concerning the investment Project in one place without need to transfer from one body to another to fulfill the procedure or to obtain the service which the project need for establishing it and to continue it.

Receive Department
  1. To receive visitors to the Department both for investment or owners for investment projects or bodies which has investment relations beside establishing the interpretations and demonstrations for designing the investment project.
  2. Provide and facilitate all the services which is necessary for the potential investors and for the approved projects under the Law No. (5), its amendments and its executive by law.
  3. Handover and receiving correspondences and decisions, license from the corporation to the project for investment.
  4. Handover and receiving the application which to be submitted to the cooperation for establishing investment project and to check the documents which presented in the file and to refer it to the concern department to fulfill the procedures.
  5. Follow-up with the administration section and knowing which the procedure done for the matters referred to the corporation
  6. Referring the received correspondence which submitted to the project representatives to the Investment affairs department for storage enclosed by statement to signing for receiving it.
  7. Referring copies from the correspondence which submitted to the project, representatives to the information office.

Services Department in One Stop Shops provides the following services and duties:-
  1. To contact the investment project owners to receive their correspondence and their decision, and the licenses granted for the project or send it by fax.
  2. Receiving the application which submitted to the corporation for establishing investment project and ensuring that the documents in the file is complete and to refer it to the concern department to complete the procedures.
  3. To complete the procedures concerning all the decided financial fees by the decree No. 530 for the year 2009 (with the treasury and to submit the receipt to the investor).
  4. To coordinate with the department and offices, sections which in relation with the corporation.
  5. To coordinate with the investors concern bodies to facilitate the procedures.
  6. Granting approvals for Visa Entry.
  7. Granting approvals for providing Resident Permit for the personnel working in the investment Projects.
  8. Granting the custom release for Machinery / Equipment, Raw materials for the project which need it for its activity.
  9. To contact the investors to facilitate the procedures (Taxes, Environment etc).
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The availability of cultural and natural resources. The strategic geographical location. The availability of a high percentage of a young population The security and stability. Low priced energy.

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